Connect to your data

Wise Applications use open APIs and OAuth to automatically connect to your data stored in common SaaS-based business applications. Need to extend the application with other sources? Wise Applications can easily connect to data stored in your application databases, data warehouse or Hadoop cluster.

Train your model

Every model is unique to the characteristics of your data. Wise Applications train the underlying model using an ensemble of algorithms within our Machine Learning engine. The model is cross validated and scored to reflect the expected accuracy. The driving forces of the model are published in order of importance on your Application Dashboard.

Deploy your predictions in production

Wise Applications are tightly integrated into your SaaS-based business applications. They leverage the workflows within your sales, marketing or support applications automatically. Any application can be extended through our API to integrate into your operational systems.

Extend your model

Market conditions are constantly changing and Wise Applications are designed to evolve and improve over time. Enabled with an auto re-training service, your Wise Application will retrain the underlying model on a regular basis so it stays up to date and learns from user feedback. Wise Applications are designed to be extended with new data sources that your company can provide.


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