Why could chatbot replace mobile apps?


According to a media report, within only 8 years, smart phones have totally changed the way people interact with enterprises and the whole world from customer service to business content. However now, more changes will happen to the way people interact with each other. Messaging or chatbot might become people’s major interactive modes in the next 5 years.

Many companies possess their own mobile apps and call centers, while in the future there will be more methods for them to communicate with customers. For now, the major way they interact with customers is social media. But this form has covered a variation trend of interactive mode which is messaging.

Messaging will become the main way to interact with customers in the next 5 years which will replace call centers, it might even replace mobile apps or enhance their functions.

As is shown by the industry trend as well as the Internet Trends Report of 2016 by Mary Meeker- the Internet queen, messaging has replaced social media and become the main communication way for the millennial generation. If a company or brand wants to attract new customers, they’re going to need to satisfy the communication need of the millennial generation.

Meeker’ s report has shown that 69% of the millennial generation prefer to interact through online chatting, social media, messages, etc., 19% of the millennial generation would love to interact through mobile apps while only 12% like to use traditional phones.

1-800 Flowers, an online flower retailer has recently launched chatbot service on Facebook Messenger and according to Chris McCann, the CEO of 1-800 Flowers, “70% of the orders reached through the chatbot are from new customers during a few months after the release of the chatbot, while the new clients are younger than the ordinary clients.”

Clients are rather familiar with the communication way and they have tried all kinds of text information during the last 20 years. Besides, messaging is not only expedient, but also able to provide better user experience for the customers.

Auto-responder and chatbot are far from gimmicks or marketing activities, they are the examples of new user interface. While a client is interacting with a company through messaging, he could feel that he is having a real conversation.

The situation that a company spending millions of dollars and dozens of years to launch a mobile app no longer exists. Instead, the companies will focus their attention on chatbot as well as auto-responder service in the future so as to better understand the voice of customers and cater to the customer experience of the millennial generation.


In the mobile apps of companies, what the users get is only fixed service content, however with chatbot and auto-responder, the users will be able to regain options of service. The users would raise common questions on the chatbot platform and get the corresponding answers. They no longer need to search by themselves if related content cannot be found in the mobile apps. More than that, chatbot could add corresponding content and data model according to the questions raised by the customers, so that the company will have a better understanding of what kind of data content the customers need and analyze the service as well as products which are needed.

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