Around the world thousands of situations arise daily where people have to worry about health, fitness and safety. Stories about people who deeply moved us and made us contemplative.

Do you see the point? With VIDAMETER children in need can trigger an emergency call. So their confidential persons and other institutions like the police are able to help them and know where the child is and find it quicker and easier. In addition they know, if the child in need is doing well.

Is it not sad? VIDAMETER measures your vital signs in every minute. So hidden diseases, which are sneaky, subtle and often symptomless, can be detected in time and you can react before it is too late. That is real prevention and is better than cure.

You ever heard this before? VIDAMETER automatically recognizes the accident by means of a change in the vital signs of the person in need. So even if the person is unconscious and not able to press any emergency button or give a call for help, VIDAMETER triggers an emergency call and subsequently initializes the necessary precautions to secure a smooth and quick supply. As VIDAMETER is waterproof to 20 ATM, it is also able to save lives in such situations.

You have been in a similar situation? Something like that has happened also to one of your friends or relatives? Please share your story with us! We would be grateful to listen to your story and participate in your life. VIDAMETER is there for you, we too on

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