Smart ECG necklace

Imec’s electrocardiography (ECG) necklace targets cardiac activity monitoring in every-day life situations. It measures a bipolar ECG signal between two Ag/AgCl electrodes attached to the body, and connected to the necklace using standard leadware. Low-power and high performance ECG monitoring is achieved through the use of a proprietary single channel application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for biopotential read-out. The system features a commercial low-power microcontroller and low-power radio, providing embedded processing capabilities and wireless communication within 10m range. Alternatively, data can be stored on a secure digital (SD) card for applications in which wireless connectivity is not required. The ECG necklace achieves 1 week autonomy on a 165mAh Li-ion battery, while continuously streaming ECG data, see fig. 2 and fig. 3a+b.

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