RicoSmart is a major developer and manufacturer of smarthome automation system in China. Our system use stable and high speed FSK 433Mhz technology. We offers a broad range of home automation products from lighting, heating to security.

With the RicoSmart system, it’s easy to schedule your light to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. And because the gateway keeps an eye on any RicoSmart sensors installed throughout your home, you’ll receive an instant text message or phone call alert if ever a door or window is opened, motion detected or worse, a water leak or smoke is found. Because the RicoSmart gateway knows about your RicoSmart network Cameras, you can control and manage them all from the same app —no need to use two apps to control your home. To make sure your home is always connected, the RicoSmart gatey talks with the RicoSmart Connect cloud-based home management service. Your devices, scenes, settings, schedules, and more are stored for you, making it easy to access your home from multiple locations or even multiple devices. But best of all, these features don’t come with a nagging monthly fee. Unlike other systems on the market that charge hundreds of dollars a year for similar services, the RicoSmart GATEWAY has no monthly fees.


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