OpenAI is going to launch household robot


Co-founded by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Sam Altman, head of YCombinator, the non-profit artificial intelligence researching institution OpenAI hopes to develop a household robot for users.

As is explained by OpenAI in its official blog on Monday, developing robot is a good way to test and improve the capacity that machine learning deals with common tasks. The company is going to develop a “ready-made” robot that the other companies could produce. The blog said:” Generally speaking, a robot is a very good testbed for many challenges in AI field.”

The purpose of OpenAI is to develop artificial intelligence and other machine learning technology to make sure robots will never do harm to mankind and the society in the future.

While OpenAI was first established in December 2015, the institution had raised 1 billion dollars from Musk, Altman, Jessica Livingston- a celebrity of Silicon Valley, Peter Thiel- cofounder of PayPal, etc.

According to OpenAI, in addition to robots, another main orientation of the institution is chatbot, which is “intelligent agent” that could communicate with users in natural language. This is kind of similar to the chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

One goal of OpenAI is to develop a chatbot that could not only check movie show times and do simple translating, but also able to have conversations, completely understand documents and raise questions while it has problems.

OpenAI also said that the institution is inspired by the performance of DeepMind which has developed an AI algorithm that recently defeated a world champion of Go. Finally, OpenAI hopes to create an intelligent assistant that could play games. As is said by OpenAI:” Game is a diverse virtual miniature world. To learn to play game quickly and accurately, great improvement must be made on model generating and reinforcement learning.”

According to OpenAI, although the institution doesn’t develop flaring technology as the other companies do, its major goal is to develop a standard that applies to all robots and chatbots.

Musk as well as Altman both are paying great attention to the development of AI. Musk believes the horrible scenes we see in fiction novels are possible to become true. While Altman thinks:” AI technology is most possible to bring the world to ruin, but in the meanwhile, great companies might arise in this area.”


As a non-profit institution, OpenAI has not promised to launch any commercial products in the near future. But given that so many tech luminaries are in support of OpenAI, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tesla launches a robot with OpenAI’s design in the future.

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