Microsoft Cortana

From PC to Lumia, Cortana is ready to make life easier on all your Windows 10 devices.

You get the best features and a fully optimized experience with Cortana for Windows 10. From voice activation on a Windows 10 phone to perfectly time reminders that show up across all your Windows 10 devices. Cortana works on your phone, PC, and tablet to help keep you organized.

Need to buy flowers? Set a location-based reminder on a PC and it will show up on your Lumia when you’re close to the store. Need to be somewhere at a particular time? Use Cortana to set a time-based reminder that shows up on all your Windows 10 devices. And with people-based reminders, Cortana can remind you to ask your friend something the next time they call.

Get a Lumia 950 or 950 XL and you can activate Cortana with your voice. Turn on toggle switches, open an app, or tell Cortana to play a song – it’s a convenient new way to interact with your phone.

All of your favorite places in Cortana are automatically saved in the Maps app. You can dictate emails to Cortana and with Cortana on all Windows 10 devices, your search terms, flight info, and news feeds are in sync on your phone, PC, and tablet. Enjoy the convenience of your very own personal assistant and relax knowing that you’re in control of the information you share with Cortana.

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