Metria™ Informed Health is a portfolio of digital health products being developed by Vancive Medical Technologies™, an Avery Dennison business, to monitor and transmit physiological information for various health, wellness and clinical applications.

In general, Metria products have three main components to them:

Sensing: This is the actual product or device that adheres to the skin to enable sensing of the user or patient. It typically incorporates multiple sensors to collect various physiological signals. Along with the sensors, there are additional components such as on board processing and memory. It also incorporates some means of communication (for example, USB or Bluetooth) to relay the collected signals out.

Vancive Medical Technologies has leveraged its expertise in skin and materials science to develop a sensing product that is comfortable to wear, and one that enhances the user’s quality of life.

Interpreting: Depending on the configuration of the Metria product, there are several algorithms to help interpret the collected sensor signals to derive specific metrics. In some cases, the algorithms may require signals from only one sensor, but in other cases it may blend signals from multiple sensor data streams. Some of the popular algorithms include activity, activity levels, calorie expenditure, sleep duration and quality, heart rate, and respiration rate.

Visualizing: This refers to the part where the collected metrics are visualized. Again, depending on the configuration of the product, data may be visualized on a website or an app, retrospective or real time. Through this interface, a user will be able to view their activity or sleep or whatever metrics they are interested in. If real time data transmission is enabled (for example via Bluetooth), the user will also be able to get near real time access to their values.

Vancive recently announced the launch of their first Metria Informed Health product – the Metria IH1 Lifestyle Assessment System. It is an unique, disposable product that can be worn continuously for up to one week, and is intended for lifestyle assessment applications.

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