The MetaWatch is brand name of smartwatches developed by Meta Watch, Ltd. Strata MetaWatch and Frame MetaWatchare digital smartwatches released in 2012 funded by raising money via the crowd funding platform Kickstarter.

First generation of MetaWatch watches was released as a development system in September 2011. Two models were sold – analog with OLED displays (model WDS111, style AU1000) and fully digital (model WDS112, style AU2000). Both are provided with clip for charging, flashing and debugging. For wireless connection Bluetooth 2.1 is used via TI CC2560 module. As a serial RAM Microchip 23A640 serial is used.

Unofficial first and half generation was extended of Bluetooth 4.0 capability. Style numbers for these watches were AU2001 and AU2004.

Second generation have dual Bluetooth 4.0, KXTI9 accelerometer instead of KXTF9 (less active power), larger battery. 4 pins on the caseback are multiplexed – can be either used with Spy-Bi-Wire (serialized version of JTAG) or serial out or GND. External serial RAM is larger. Clip provided with watches is now for charging and reflash only. JTAG clip for development can be bought separately.

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