Memoto’s Lifelogging Camera

Memoto’s Lifelogging Camera can record everyday moments — and we do mean every day. The small, 5-megapixel camera clips to your clothing and takes two geotagged photos every minute of every day, as long as you’re wearing the device. Its app works together with the camera to organize your photos chronologically so you can later search them all based on time, place and light. The battery lasts approximately two days and can be recharged through your computer. Preorder Memoto for $279. Got a relative who already bombards you with cute pet pics? This gadget could bring over-sharing to a whole new level.

The Narrative Clip only weighs 20 grams (0.7 oz) and measures 36x36x9 mm (1.42×1.42×0.35 inches). With a storage capacity of 4000 pictures and battery life for 2 days of use, you can be sure to never miss a moment! Just plug it in to your computer to transfer all your images and recharge the batteries.

Effortlessly upload all images taken by your Narrative Clip to your personal Narrative Library in the cloud. Keep them for yourself or share them with your friends, it’s your choice!

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