Linquet is a smart cloud-based solution which can protect your valuables, no matter where you are. Simply attach the tiny Linquet devices to your valuables (e.g. keys, bike, wallet, pet) and connect them to your phone via the Linquet app. When either your valuable or phone is left behind, both will alarm to prevent you from losing or misplacing your stuff. You can also alarm any “linqed” item from the app to find it. Moreover, you can smartly and securely share your valuables with other people.

Linquet is a cloud-based anti-loss solution for phones and any other valuables. It has a unique feature of sound an alarm when user moves away from the valuable item. The solution is backed by cloud to track location of each item tracked by Linquet that makes it easy to find any misplaced item.

The Linquet is a small device that can be easily attached to any valuable like a keychain. Multiple items can be easily tracked thru a mobile app.

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