LG Smart ThinQ

LG Smart ThinQ appliances do so much more than simply cook, clean and help keep food fresh. They make it easier to plan the perfect meal. Monitor every minute of cooking. Tackle the toughest stains…even when you’re miles away. Smart ThinQ appliances merge connectivity, convenience and performance like never before. And never before is now!

Monitor and control your appliances anytime, anywhere with versatile LG Smart ThinQ phone apps. With the simplest smart phone commands, you can change the start time of pre-set wash cycles, keep track of the food in your refrigerator, even check your oven’s self-cleaning progress. LG Smart ThinQ innovation works for you and your family…no matter where you are!

With their advanced internet connectivity, it’s quick and easy to customize LG appliances to respond to your family’s ever-changing needs. From helping you create a delicious recipe with the food in your fridge to downloading special laundry cycles, your smart appliances go the extra measure to enhance your busy life.

In the event that you have any problems with your appliance, LG Smart Diagnosis helps you troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently. Your appliance will either emit sound data to communicate with the LG Call Center over the phone, or transmit data over wi-fi to your smart phone app for quick and easy diagnosis and solutions.

Energy conservation is important to all of us. Smart Grid technology in every LG Smart ThinQ appliance is designed to detect when power consumption in your area is at its lowest, so your appliance can operate at lower energy rates.


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