Genesys Interactive Voice Response

Genesys Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides a secure, flexible call center software platform that integrates self-service applications and agent-assisted transactions to increase satisfaction, increase revenue and reduce the cost to serve Customer context and interaction state are preserved to deliver a low-effort customer journey.

Often, the IVR is not designed around customer needs, forcing them to understand how your business is structured in order to access the right information or expert. This also fails to meet their expectation that service be aligned with their needs and abilities in the right context, especially in situations requiring them to work virtually hands free or when speaking is preferred.

Voice-controlled interfaces are becoming more prevalent in consumer technology and everyday life. Using speech recognition, you can deliver a more intuitive IVR experience through directed dialogue or natural language technologies. Genesys provides speech recognition technologies that encourage more natural conversations to increase automation beyond that of traditional touchtone capabilities – for example, name and address capture. This creates lower effort self-service interactions and increases call containment and completion rates. It also reduces the customer’s time in the IVR and total call duration through faster routing. Natural language technologies remove the complexities of multiple menu options and result in improved call connection accuracy and reduced transfer rates.

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