EVIP Voice Application Server

The EVIP Voice Application Server provides the capabilities required to run a production speech application in a business environment. This platform includes tools for configuring and managing data access, VoiceXML application development and deployment, system confi guration, monitoring, and reporting. With EVIP 10, customers will be able to leverage InVision Studio, the premier VoiceXML based development environment from ESTA.

EVIP Voice Browser
The EVIP standards-based Voice Browser can run applications generated by Edify the Edify Voice Application Server, or another application generator. The Edify Voice Browser fits into your IT infrastructure, integrating readily within a standard PSTN environment or running in VoIP infrastructure. The Edify Voice Browser provides a proven, scalable VoiceXML browser. The Voice Browser supports the latest version and feature upgrades to the Voice Browser, version of the leading speech recognition engines, text-to-speech engines, and speaker verifi cation engines.

EVIP 10 All-in-One
ESTA’ philosophy of providing seamless customer upgrades continues with EVIP 10 ensuring that no customer is left behind. EVIP 10 is the next version of our award winning EVIP 9.5 software. Now more than 2,000 EVIP customers can easily upgrade to EVIP 10 without any changes to existing applications.

By upgrading to EVIP 10 from previous versions of Edify, existing customers can now gain access to the latest speech engines, text-to-speech engines, and native VoIP support. For customers current on maintenance, upgrading to these features is free of charge. In addition, EVIP 10 continues to include outstanding tools for confi guring and managing data access, development and deployment, system confi guration, monitoring, and reporting.

EVIP Features
EVIP 10 continues to provide support for industry-leading features, including the latest speech engines, text-to-speech integrations, speaker verifi cation, hardware and software VoIP solutions, and robust telephony protocol support. Coupled with the highest performing software in the industry at 480 ports on a single server, the EVIP platform provides the features and density required for today’s largest enterprise voice and speech deployments.


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