Keep All Your Data

Being truly information-driven requires you have access to all your data: Not just some of your data. Not only monthly, aggregate or summary data. But all of it, in all formats, no matter what the structure (or lack of structure), kept online for many years, or even decades.

Success Requires More Than Just Hadoop
Hadoop is a powerful technology platform, and while it’s true that it’s is widely available, open source and free, success with Hadoop requires more than some free open source software and a little technical support.

Security. Management. Governance.
Success requires a solution built around Hadoop to deliver enterprise-class security, robust data governance, system manageability, and integration with a wide range of complementary infrastructure. It also requires a system that can handle a wide diversity of workloads in a single system. Only Cloudera can deliver on that promise.

Cloudera, The First Hadoop Vendor
Cloudera was founded in October 2008 to deliver the first enterprise-class implementation of Apache Hadoop. Not only was Cloudera the first company formed to build solutions based on Hadoop, but Doug Cutting, the co-creator of Hadoop, joined the company in 2009 as our Chief Architect and remains in that role today.

Our Enterprise Data Hub
Today Cloudera offers a complete solution with Hadoop at its core: Our Enterprise Data Hub (EDH). It’s designed to solve data management problems by taking advantage of the power of Hadoop. But Hadoop by itself is not enough, it’s not an EDH.

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