Take a look around your home, light sockets are in all of the very BEST locations: entryways, hallways, center of most rooms, at tops and bottoms of stairs, at everyone’s bedside. What we created is just as easy to install, set up and operate as the traditional single-function bulbs that occupy them now.

We’ve designed each bulb to provide security and safety by just installing it and using your regular switch. The BeON Burglar Deterrent can literally be set up and operated with one finger. Click, flick, and swipe your way into all the experiences and features. Your BeON family of bulbs takes over from there, employing a Bluetooth mesh network to extend the range throughout your house.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your lighting quality for security and safety. That’s why each bulb in the BeON Burglar Deterrent system provides 800 lumens of soft white LED light output, equivalent to a 60W incandescent light bulb.

We’ve packed the Listener modules with smarts, Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, microphone, sound processor and rechargeable battery. The modules protect your home by learning and communicating with each other, relaying information about heard events such as doorbells, available battery capacity, lighting status and schedules.

You can use our free iOS or Android mobile app to enable Away mode, preview your light schedule (light show!), train your bulbs to listen to sounds and much much more!

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