Babel is modeled after traditional computer programming languages that provide for terse, human readable and easy to write code.

Parsing natural language is a hard problem, but it can be avoided by writing Babel. By using this format natural language processing (NLP) can be separated from the real artificial intelligence work. Babel provides a way to divide the two challenges.

Babel is not a representation of parsed natural language. It is designed to represent specific meaning and does not include many of the subtleties of natural language. Babel does not try to model natural language completely. The aim is simply to be able to represent the meaning of most natural language.

The primary use of Babel is a format for AI experimentation. Babel could allow for an easier Turing Test to be attempted and may help move beyond the current crude chat bot designs.

Babel could be used as a generalized goal definition system to define objectives for an intelligent agent. It could describe problems, potential solutions and actions to be performed by an agent.

Babel could be of use in translating between natural languages or in other areas of linguistics.

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