Apple HomeKit would save smart home industry


To some degree, the industry of smart home has met with a lot of troubles. Smart home was supposed to make people’ s life easier and simpler, but in fact, the users need to identify different standards to match the devices, they must install all kinds of apps on their phones to control their devices, what makes it worse, it sometimes doesn’t work well.

In this case, the development of smart home seems to have stalled, Apple is no exception. After having been launched for 2 years, HomeKit still hasn’t led the pack. Fortunately, Apple has improved HomeKit on WWDC 2016 which has not only saved itself, but also offered an opportunity to remodel the industry of smart home.

Home application is of great significance.

Chris Smith, an editor of Trusted Reviews believes this is the first time that HomeKit has become a part of iOS since its release. The integrated independent home application and control center in iOS 10 enables the users to control all kinds of devices in a more integrated way which makes it more convenient and intuitional to be used. Besides, Apple TV, the intelligent speaker that is likely to be launched in the future as well as Siri that is stretching over iOS and Mac could all become a way to enable users access HomeKit.

What’s most important is that the emergence of Home application makes all the users possible to know the function more intuitively which would also stimulate the third party’s support on HomeKit. Even though they would still insist on their own standards, providing compatibility to the Apple platform is helpful for improving the quality as well as quantity of platform devices.



Smart home remains to be a platform with inundate standards, HomeKit, SmartThings, Z-wave as well as Alexa might each does things in its own way for a while, however Apple’s platform may be able to change the situation if it is equipped with better function, easier-to-use experience and the huge installed base of iOS device. Apple’s improvement on its own servicing ability might play a leading role in the whole industry.

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