5 household robots that would change your life

For several years, robots have been in science fiction movies, however now they have become reality. All kinds of household robots have been able to offer assistance to people in all parts of their lives, from cooking to cleaning and even home nursing. Here are 5 household robots that might enter your house in the near future.


ASUS Zenbo

ASUS Zenbo is a new household smart robot with the price of only 599 dollars which is nearly the price of a phone. As a full-function intelligent home assistant, Zenbo is able to walk in every corner in the house, besides, the camera equipped in it prevents it from bumping into the wall. The touch screen could represent the expressions of the robot, while the loudspeaker and microphone enables it to chat as well as respond to voice commands. Zenbo will provide the families functions such as assistance, entertainment and partnership, including moving automatically, listening to voice commands and checking the situations of the family members through its built-in camera. In the meanwhile, it offers good partnership to the kids which could play adorable songs, tell stories and have fun with the kids.


SoftBank Pepper

Pepper looks very much similar to the robot C-3PO. The humanoid robot is equipped with wheels in its chassis, cameras on the wheels, sensors in the head, touch screen on the chest as well as articulated standalone arms. As the world’s first emotional robot, Pepper sells for 1600 dollars. It is equipped with voice recognition technology as well as emotion recognition technology that analyzes expressions and tones. Pepper focuses on talking function, it is similar to Siri, only that Pepper has real body and can combine wireless communication, App, cloud concept with video and image recognition, thus brings an object for lonely people to chat and interact with. Except for being applied in homes, Pepper could also act as shopping assistants in shops.



As the first social robot in the world, Jibo is a tiny desktop robot with the price of 749 dollars. Unlike Zenbo and Pepper, Jobo is stationary and is only 30 cm tall. With a cute and adorable appearance, Jibo’s head and body can rotates separately. This tiny robot offers functions such as taking photos, video calling, date reminding, information representing, voice interaction, etc. However, what makes it special is that it recognizes different family members and offer personalized service.


Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is more like a networked loudspeaker than a robot which could work as a voice assistant. In the hardware market that is filled with rectangle touch screens, Echo is really extraordinary. The loudspeaker is a cylinder without a screen which is 9.25 inches high and 3.27 inches wide. It could play music and respond to basic household questions such as how many teaspoons does a teacup have. The only way people could interact with Echo is to talk with them and it is in standby mode at any time waiting to be awaken. Of course, it is also able to control the other things in a house from the light to washing machine and tell you the weather as well as latest news such as the score of the latest French open. These are all supported by Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa which could be expanded with the cellphone. Echo is just like a household Siri, it brings good experience no matter working as a wireless music player or a voice virtual assistant.


Dyson 360 Eye cleaning robot

Dyson 360 Eye applies proprietary technology in order to draw tiny grains such as dust. As is implied by its name, the device is equipped with a 360 degree panorama camera and a infrared sensor to detect the surroundings, thus accurate location and efficient guiding is possible. Dyson 360 Eye is suitable for all kinds of floors and is also equipped with fashionable, thin charging station, a full charge only takes 30 minutes. When the battery level gets low, Dyson360Eye will automatically head to the charging station to get itself charged.

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