• Robots

    • household robots  - With around 15,000 products available to order online through our dedicated websites, technobots provides one of the widest ranges of components available to the electronics and engineering enthusiast. Est. 2001 soundtronics.co.uk for audio, music & synth related produ [..]  
    • Seatec  - Seatec - Alcatel-Lucent IP/PBX (PABX) Alcatel-Lucent Contact Center solutions Alcatel-Lucent Data Switches Polycom HDX Series - Video Conferencing Solutions Polycom Video Infrastructure solutions [..]  
    • NANOROBOTICS  - The development of nanorobots is an emerging field with many aspects for further investigations. Simulation is an essential tool for exploring alternatives in the organization, configuration, motion planning, and control of nanodevices exploring the human body. B [..]  
    • ROBOTIS OP2  - ROBOTIS OP2 is an affordable, miniature-humanoid-robot platform with advanced computational power, sophisticated sensors, high payload capacity, and dynamic motion ability to enable many exciting research, education and outreach activities. ROBOTIS OP2 is a new versi [..]  
    • Keepon  - Keepon is a small yellow robot designed to study social development by interacting with children. Keepon was developed by Hideki Kozima  while at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Kyoto, Japan. Keepon has four motors, a rubbe [..]  
  • Smart Home

    • Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services  - Stay in the know wherever you go with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. Real-time alerts, GPS vehicle and asset tracking, video viewing and mobile control put peace of mind in the palm of your hand - helping you stay connected to your family and home 24/7. Honeyw [..]  
    • Belkin WeMo  - The WeMo Insight Switch sends notifications to your smart device showing how much energy your electronics are using. You also have the ability to turn your electronics on and off and monitor their behavior, all you’ll need is a Wi-Fi or 3/4G connection. Part of the W [..]  
    • AirQuality Egg  - The Air Quality Egg is a sensor system designed to allow anyone to collect very high resolution readings of NO2 and CO concentrations outside of their home. These two gases are the most indicative elements related to urban air pollution that are sense-able by inexpensiv [..]  
    • Sen.se Mother  - It's called Sen.se Mother as the theme of this smart home suite includes the hub known as the mother; the wireless sensors are called the cookies. You can attach the cookies to people or objects and program it for monitoring and analyzing the locations, temperature and [..]  
    • Tribune AVS  - Tribune AVS is a specialist Home Automation and Security Systems provider for the Northwest and beyond. We are a UK company that encompasses all elements of Home Automation technology and offer a simple solution to control them through stylish interfaces. From an iPa [..]  
  • Software and Service

    • Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO)  - Internap’s patented Internet route optimization technology, Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO), enhances Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) by dynamically evaluating path characteristics including latency, packet loss and route stability to select the best route to [..]  
    • Sophie  - Sophie is a patient advocate. She listens to your patients, acknowledges and commiserates with them, helps them through their health maintenance program, shows them how to use and read their various telemedicine devices, keeps track of their progress and picks up on oth [..]  
    • Google Assistant  - The Google Assistant is designed to work across all of a user's devices and let users communicate through a chat thread to give everything an "ongoing two-way dialogue with Google." "We want to give each user its own individual Google," CEO Sundar Pichai said onstage [..]  
    • Datumbox  - Our REST Machine Learning API enables every developer to build smart software and services in no time. The implementation is super easy and thus you can start using our powerful service within minutes. Our API uses the powerful and open-source Datumbox Machine Learni [..]  
    • IVR – Voice Interaction  - For many customers, their first interaction with your business is with an automated response (IVR). Vodafone Voice Interaction services combine a superb technology platform with specialist expertise that ensures your business values and brand are reflected in every inte [..]  
  • Supercomputer

      • Google Prediction API  - A few years before Eugene, Google had already finalized its ‘machine learning engine’ (the cooler name is ‘Google Prediction API.) This artificial intelligence tool goes beyond the automation of the cloud that already gives it its scalability and resilience. The P [..]  
      • IBM Watson  - Watson represents a first step into cognitive systems, a new era of computing. It uses programmatic computing plus the combination of three additional capabilities that make Watson truly unique: natural language processing, hypothesis generation and evaluation, and dyna [..]  
      • Denise  - Denise is an advanced Virtual Assistant software. She comes with our real-time proprietary graphic engine, a high quality English Text to speech voice and the best dictation Speech Recognition system (Nuance Dragon), available in 6 languages. Denise's works with an adap [..]  
      • Brain Artificial  - Braina (Brain Artificial) is an intelligent personal assistant software for Windows PC that allows you to interact with your computer using voice commands in English language. Braina makes it possible for you to control your computer using natural language commands a [..]  
      • Brainhat  - Brainhat is computation with knowledge. Its primitives are natural language propositions (facts) and inference templates (executables), plus dynamically generated knowledge, executables and context. Taken together, knowledge and context motivate goal-oriented computatio [..]  
    • Wearable Devices

      • Spire Breathing Activity Sensor  - Spire knows when you're tense and reminds you to breathe. This is Spire. While unobtrusively clipped to your pants or bra, Spire measures your breathing patterns throughout the day. It can notify you when you're tense, guide you to greater calm, help you discover wha [..]  
      • G Watch R  - The LG G Watch R (model W110) is an Android Wear-based smartwatch announced and released by LG and Google on October 25, 2014. It is the second round-faced smartwatch after the Motorola Moto 360 but, unlike the 360, it is the first to feature a full circular display. An [..]  
      • Embrace+  - If you're constantly glued to your phone, worried that you'll miss an important email or call, the Embrace+ device aims to let you put your phone down. The bracelet's mobile app lets you set colors and vibrations for alerts such as incoming calls, texts, emails, Faceboo [..]  
      • Sensor Insole  - The sensor insole is a worldwide unique innovation and the perfect solution for sensing foot dynamics. It measures the pressure distribution, weight, balance and motion. The completely wireless and integrated package results in an excellent usability. Each sensor [..]  
      • CyberTouch  - The CyberTouch system is a tactile feedback option for CyberGlove Systems's wired CyberGlove instrumented glove. It features small vibrotactile stimulators on each finger and the palm of the CyberGlove system. Each stimulator can be individually programmed to vary the s [..]  
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